Patriot Savings Bonds: How Americans Can Help Support the Fight Against the War on Terror and Make Some Money at the Same Time

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Patriot Savings Bonds: How Americans Can Help Support the Fight Against the War on Terror and Make Some Money at the Same Time

With the War on Terror being fought in many locations including Iraq, Afghanistan, and a host of other places, American troops need additional funding for specialized equipment designed to help them in these lands. In addition, to aid in this military undertaking, there are many more active duty and reserve troops that are called upon to fight in this war. Citizens of this country do have varied opinions on the stance of American troops fighting overseas, however, most people agree that if our friends and family members have to be there; we want the best possible protection, treatment, and support for them on their mission. While ordinary citizens are not able to go out and purchase a vest of body armor or night vision goggles, there is a way to see that soldiers are receiving much needed supplies by Americans purchasing Patriot Savings Bonds.

Patriot Savings Bonds first came into circulation on December 10th, 2001, as a way for Americans to show their support for the War on Terror. These bonds are basically a modern-day version of World War II’s , “War Bonds,” that were used for the same purpose. They are the equivalent to a EE Series Bond and have the phrase, “Patriot Bond,” printed on them.

If showing this kind of support seems interesting to you, Patriot Savings Bonds are purchased in dollar amounts that are equal to 50% of the face value. For example, if the printed amount on the bond is $100, then that bond would sell, at the time of initial purchase, for $50. Investing in one of these bonds starts at only $25, and they are guaranteed to reach face value in 20 years. Should you choose to hold on to the bond for a little while longer, they will continue to earn interest until they reach a maximum age of 30 years. Since Patriot Savings Bonds are only available in paper form, they can only be purchased at a location that issues paper bonds; such as a local or federal financial institution.

By funding these anti-terrorism efforts, not only will you feel good that you made an investment in your future, but also that you are helping America’s troops buy necessary equipment, have emergency medical care and supplies in the field, and help fund the salaries of all of the extra personnel that have been activated to help support active duty soldiers, sailors, and marines.

Patriot Savings Bonds may not brings our troops home any sooner, but they can alleviate some of the financial strain our government faces with respect to military funding. I’m buying a Patriot Savings Bond, what about you?