Getting Money From the Government: Seeing If You Have Matured Bonds That Have Not Been Redeemed

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Getting Money From the Government: Seeing If You Have Matured Bonds That Have Not Been Redeemed

Quite a few individuals have savings bonds that he or she has forgotten about. Perhaps one’s grandmother had some bonds opened up years ago. Hopefully one’s parents took out some bonds when he or she was a child or maybe one has taken out some and has just forgotten about them. Misplacing or forgetting about bonds can be done quite easily. Even though all these scenarios may ring true for some, there are ways to recover these lost assets.

Cash From The Federal Government

To see whether or not one has matured bonds that have not been redeemed there is an amazing website called unclaimed assets. According to information from 2015 there were $12.5 billion dollars of unclaimed savings bonds. Recently the US Savings Bond Search page records state that the amount is well over $15 billion. It may sound a bit crazy that money is just sitting there to be claimed, but this is the reality.

Searching For Unclaimed Assets

Even though the money is out there to be claimed, one must put the work in to search for it. It is suggested that one shops around for sites that do not charge a search fee. The savings bond website is just one of the free sites available for locating and receiving unclaimed assets such as bonds. On this site there will be three columns: individuals, institutions, and government. Website visitors can click on individuals to check and see if they are the owner of any matured savings bonds.


Key Points for Searching the Savings Bonds Website

  • Saving bonds that have been returned to the United States Treasury as undeliverable from 1996 can be found by using this system.
  • Many records for Treasury notes and bonds that have been registered can be searched through this system.
  • Importantly, one must submit a Form PD F 1048 to claim lost, stolen or destroyed United States savings bonds with approximate dates of purchase, names of the bond’s owners, and other information that may be needed.

Time Limit

Even if the search engine does not go back as far as users may like, these are still wonderful sites to play around and search on. There are also some fabulous tools that are offered on these sites. They offer bond calculators and wizards. With the economy the way it is now, individuals are looking for stability in his or her money and savings bonds can provide just that. Investors who want to see how savings bonds can quickly add up can punch in some numbers into the calculators and watch the magic unfold.