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What Are Stocks and Bonds?

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The performance of the stock market is front page news, and even non-investors seem to know whether it’s up or down. However, many beginning investors or people who are just considering investing for the first time don’t really have any idea what stocks are. Bonds are even more mysterious,

Inflation Bonds

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On January 29, 1997 the U.S Treasury’s first ever offering of debt designed to protect the investors from inflation was a huge hit as consumers placed bids for $37.2 billion of the securities– five times the amount offered. The $7billion of 10-year inflation indexed the notes were auctioned at

Surety Bonds and Protection Against Monetary Losses

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  Many people these days are looking to grow the value of their investment portfolios. The economic slump that came as part of the Great Recession destroyed the value of portfolios, and even during the recovery many people have still not recouped their losses. As a result, more and

Does the Bond Market Signal Bad Times Ahead?

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  The bond market is taken by most observers as a clear economic indicator except, it seems, when it would indicate something investors don’t want. Long-term investors have been mystified by the lack of movement upwards in 30 year treasury bonds, which have stayed at 3 1/2% or lower,