A Review of BondRewards: Earn Savings Bonds While You Shop

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A Review of BondRewards: Earn Savings Bonds While You Shop

BondRewards is a site I really was excited to do a review on. That is because it pays you in savings bonds. That makes it unique from all of the other shopping sites that have rebate cash incentives. Below I will list all the details you need to know about this site to decide if it is something you may be interested in participating in.

Since the savings bonds are US savings bonds, I think it is fairly safe to assume they only accept members of the US.

This company is an active member of the BBB and in good standing. They also have a banner to let you know they never send out any junk mail to your account. The only mail you will get is one you actively requested.

How the Program Works
You do your usual shopping, but do it through the bondrewards website. There are over 500 stores to choose from with over 5 million products in each store. Here are examples of some of the stores you will find at BondRewards: Ebay, Target, Blockbuster, Barnes and Noble, Kmart, and Dell. Who doesn’t already shop from these sites? Now just switch your shopping to BondRewards and start earning.

How Much Can You Earn
Each store offers a different percent in rebates, but BondRewards just did a survey of some of the top rebate sites and compared them. Upromise averaged 3.5% and MyPoints averaged 2.7%. Do you want to know what BondRewards averaged? A whopping 9.4%. So if you spend $100 online would you want to get $3.50 back or $9.40? I choose the latter.

What if You Want Cash
You can always cash your savings bonds in when you get them if you prefer. I do think it is wise to use this site if you have some small children at home. Think of the possibilities. If you earned 1 savings bond per month you would have 12 saved up by the end of the year. Once your child reaches college you will have tons of savings bonds you can cash in to help out with the expense. Like I said, however, if you prefer the cash just take your bond to the bank and cash it.

My Opinion
This site is great for those who already do some shopping online or who are planning on it. You earn a savings bond with every purchase you make and they can add up over time. If you are going to do the shopping anyway you mine as well get something out of it. If you don’t want the bond for yourself, give it away as a gift. Heck, give it to me. All kidding aside this site is legit and will give you a reward for your shopping.